Finally getting this blog started!

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

This has definitely been a well over due addition to our Strickly A Tease journey. Not that I haven't contemplated what to talk about because everyday brings new enlightenment when it comes to what sensuality means to everyday women so there's plenty of content to pull from.The struggle though has been what is the message that will be conveyed so that writing is not just taking up more time in my already busy schedule and is actually productive not just for me but for the readers as well. Ultimately what I came to was that the same things I found important to starting Strickly A Tease are exaclty the things that would make good content for a blog fitness, relationships, food, and making everyday living #FitN2MyLife so here goes.

My journey started with the birth of my 2nd daughter who is now 12 so you can imagine just how much has happened within that timeframe. I am definitely not the person who just has to have the spotlight, thus most people know me as one of the instructors for Strickly A Tease, but I have been working in every capacity of what makes Strickly A Tease function for well over 10 years now and what better way to get things rolling than with an article about me and why I started Strickly A Tease.

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