Sexual Health Humh!

Most of us probably have always approached the subject of sex as it being a negative experience. When we asked questions to our parents (or parent) they never really wanted to talk about it, or simply told us it was only for adult ears, and I'm sure we all have friends that we labeled as fast or prude and asking them any questions meant we learned things that later were found out to be not so true! (kissing boys makes you pregnant or oral sex isn't really sex). Today there are so many messages being put out in regards to what sex is, what it isn't, who you have sex with, who they have sex with,etc...... It's never ending. We even get the naysayers who seem to think our sensual side of fitness is all about becoming a stripper, I can't count how many inquiries about our stripper classes we get on a daily basis. Wouldn't it be great to have a forum where you can learn, and explore all the things that make us sexual beings, well here it is and excited it's in my hometown

Summer Sexual adventure no matter where you stand on creating a knowledged positive sexual attitude


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